Our History

The Physician Coalition of Louisiana formed in 2019 as a partnership between the Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians and the Louisiana State Medical Society to serve as a unified voice for all physicians and physician medical associations in the State of Louisiana. Our partner groups consist of more than 7,000 practicing physicians, residents in training, and medical students.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a unified voice for all physician groups across Louisiana by educating patients, lawmakers and the public and by influencing policy and legislation.


Our Vision

The vision of the coalition is to ensure that physicians continue to help shape decisions that affect patients, physician practices and the practice of medicine.

About the Founding Members


Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians

Established in 1947, the Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians (LAFP) is one of the state’s largest primary care organizations, with more than 1,900 member physicians, residents and medical students throughout the State of Louisiana. The mission of the LAFP is to promote and support Louisiana's family physicians in providing excellent health care and to provide a unified voice for family medicine. Our focus every day is to help family physicians spend more time doing what they do best: providing quality and cost-effective patient care. The LAFP delivers value to its members through each of its strategic priorities.


Louisiana State Medical Society

Established in 1878, the Louisiana State Medical Society (LSMS) serves as the trusted advocate for physicians in the state of Louisiana. LSMS aims to promote excellence in the practice of medicine and is the largest voluntary physician organization in the state, representing all specialties. The LSMS is dedicated to supporting the physicians of Louisiana in continually improving the provision of quality health care for its citizens.