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Through thousands of hours of rigorous training, Louisiana physicians become prepared and qualified to lead teams of medical professionals in the delivery of patient care. Under the leadership of highly trained physicians, medical teams collaborate — sharing decisions and information as they work together to provide the highest level of care for patients.

That’s why qualifications matter in health care.

And that’s why a statewide coalition of medical associations and specialty societies has come together — uniting physicians, residents in training and medical students to advocate for physician-led health care in Louisiana that protects patients from harm, increases access to quality care and controls overall health care spending.

Health Care Teams Need Leaders

Every professional on a health care team has a unique and valuable role to play that is defined by their education and training — but every health care team needs a leader.  Physicians bring the highest level of training and preparation. Because of this, they’re fully equipped to guide other members of the team.

Medical School Matters

The coalition introduces the “Medical School Matters” campaign.  Given the education and training required to become a doctor, it’s no surprise that Louisiana patients want their health care to be led by a physician who is highly educated, fully trained and held to rigorous standards for patient safety.

Our Mission. Your Health.

The Physician Coalition of Louisiana formed in 2019 as a partnership between the Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians and the Louisiana State Medical Society to serve as a unified voice for all physicians and physician medical associations in the State of Louisiana.  Our partner groups consist of more than 7,000 practicing physicians, residents in training, and medical students.

The coalition serves as a unified voice for all physician groups across Louisiana by educating patients, lawmakers and the public and by influencing policy and legislation.  The coalition provides up-to-date information as well as educational materials about issues affecting the practice of medicine and patient health and strives to ensure that physicians continue to help shape decisions that affect patients and physician practices in Louisiana.

The Physicians Coalition and “Medical School Matters” campaign is made possible through a grant awarded jointly to LSMS and LAFP by the American Medical Associations Scope of Practice Partnership.

Our mission is to provide a unified voice for all physician groups across Louisiana by educating patients, lawmakers and the public and by influencing policy and legislation.

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